My wife and I tried Victor’s about a week ago for the first time. I had a Gyro Dinner and my wife had the Chicken Delight. The Gyro Dinner was an excellent choice as it had the meat, pita, and all the fixings you would have for a Gyro sandwich but it also came with salad and a baked potato. Now I don’t have to drive all the way to Daleville to get my Gyros! I was so full I couldn’t finish my meal and had enough to eat the next day at work. However, I could not help but to eyeball my wife’s Chicken Delight. They didn’t go flimsy and just put a few slices of tomato. No, they took a whole tomato, cut it open and stuffed chicken salad inside of it. Next to it, cottage cheese, and fruit surrounding it. Thanks Victor! You’ve done a fine job! -Tom, Muncie, Indiana

I love the fact that there is a Gyros place where you can bring your family in to dine. There are the fastfood restaurants but I have to order my food at the counter, get my napkins, and walk up for a refill. At Victor’s they have really great service and they greet you right at the door. Also, food quality is good, always the right temperature. My only complaint about Victor’s Gyros and Pancake House is that I can’t pump my gas in the same building. -Jessica, Muncie, Indiana

Victor’s rocks! The food is good and the servers are very nice. I just wish they were open later. -Kelsey, Daleville, Indiana

I am sorry but i just do not like gyros. I go to victor’s for the pancakes and they got 3 TVs so that’s pretty cool. I like it when they do the $1.99 biscuit & gravy too but I am not going to try the gyros. How do u say gyros anyway? JYROS Gurose. I don’t know how you say it but go get the pancakes. They know how to do REAL buttermilk pancakes. -Kaleb, Yorktown, Indiana

I like to go and get the omelets because they are huge and come with potatoes! BTW for your coffee drinks, they have Cadillac Coffee which is hard to find! YUM. -Ethel, Muncie, Indiana